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sounds like "nudes"


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06/02/1840: Atomic The Belarusian Bison, who was never even a member, quit Conflicting Odors making it an unprecedented -1 member band
06/02/1840: Michael The Arabian Aardvark quit Conflicting Odors making it an unprecedented 0-person band
06/02/1840: added MusicFest pictures to the brand new "New Pics" section; modified Juxa Posse's bio
06/02/1840: MusicFest coverage, with the exception of actual pictures was addded, and the show dates section was updated. "Dastardly Assault," "Mastur of My Domain," and "Zife" were added to the arsenal, with "Zife" in the active repertoire
06/02/1840: details for the June 8 CO performance at MusicFest were posted in the show dates section. pictures from the April show are now in the pics section. new songs in the arsenal: "No. Sou. Dakota," "DIY Rant," "Untimely Death of Suzie The Rabbit Phone, The," "Homo Sapiens," "Rowdy Minyan," "Generic Generation," "Because I Love You," "Rescind," "Alone," "Ashes Weds'day," and "Numbered Cheer," the last two of which only are in the active repertoire
06/02/1840: the lyrics to "Son-god" were added to the lyrics page. Three songs have been added to the active arsenal: "Waves of Beauty," "Not Again," and "My Heart Yearns for Your Touch In the Volcano of Loneliness While I Eat Mona Lisa's Cabbage Soup on Rye Bread With a TV and a Movie Screen, Yes, This Is Stil The Title, The End, Sir." The latter was co-written by Aardvarksan, Otis The Israeli Jackalope, and Atomic The Belarusian Bison. "Perception" was added to the inactive repertoire.
06/02/1840: audio page added, with content!!!
06/02/1840: the shows calendar has been updated but no upcoming shows are definitive yet. "Libby Dowe," "15," and "(We Are) Friends" have all been added inactively to the arsenal.
06/02/1840: the shows calendar, friend bands, and discography sections have all been updated. "Oedipal," perhaps the most disgusting song ever written by Conflicting Odors, and "Old Yeller," with its "cacophonous vocals" inspired by Sprout, have both been added to the arsenal inactively.
06/02/1840: many updates have been made in the last few weeks, especially to the Related Links and Friend Bands sections. "Fove Her Luck Her" has received much attention at practices, a new song added to the active repertoire. "Inactive" was added inactively to the arsenal. No audio page will exist until songs are copyrighted, with the possible exception of "Epic" in the near future. Michael The Arabian Aardvark has indeed shaved off his goatee, as of Waitangi Day. Besides the two benefit shows in the works, a new show to celebrate a friend's birthday is now also in planning. There is a possibility of Michael The Arabian Aardvark (as Billy Morguen) forming a side-project called The Smashing Punkinz. Check out your favorite sections regularly to see if they've been updated.