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Luna 3
Juxa Posse
The Rock Band
Hamotze Lechem MeinHorowitz
Offensive Brokers
Ghaflah Induced Lethargy
Virtual Maracas Combo
The Bit-- & The Bit--cake
White Noize Crew
Tree Oil
Division By Zero (aka Dog Fourth Night

Friend BANDS:
Happy Campers, The


This punk-rock powerhouse pair is based out of Lynbrook, a town on Lawn Geyland worth complaining about in typical punk fashion. Vocalist/guitarist Margy and vocalist/bassist Michelle really have a great time performing. Heavily influenced by A New Found Glory, the group performs many covers, parodies, and original songs. They like fooling their audiences into thinking that they actually play instruments, something usually done only during the original vocabulary tutorial "Blatantly Facetious Discombobulation." Both Margy and Michelle are also members of Division By Zero (aka Dog Fourth Night). Luna 3 is the official and biggest friend band of Conflicting Odors.


Watch out for da Posse. Notorious PHD (formerly Chocolate Sprinkles, formerly Sugar Cookie) and BWX lead this band of misfits. Both rappers are committed to lyrics promoting irresponsible actions regarding sex, drugs, and degredation of the police. Other members, some of which that refuse to acknowledge their presence in the group, have yet to perform include rappers Technical KO and Nakahara and keyboarder Jammaster Joe. The principle two rappers performed one show together, and were slated to record their debut album tentaively titled "Milton Bradley: Ghetto Edition" together with Technical KO, but all immediate plans have ceased, with the group splitting up to go to various colleges.


Don't be fooled by the simple name; The Rock Band is destined for fame and fortune, assuming they ever have a practice. One can only assume that the band fits into the rock genre, but there is some dissension among these friends due to their mixed influences. Some members can't even play the instruments to which they've been assigned! Guitarist Sherri, singer Mackenzie, bassist Liz, and drummer Ann will hopefully sort out their pre-practice-phobias to rightfully claim their place in rock n' roll history.


When you're the only artist in a genre of music, you can make up your own rules and do whatever you want. This is the philosophy of Hamotze Lechem MeinHorowitz. The Heebcore (Jewish hardcore) band takes its name from a Hebrew bread prayer. Despite the expected hardcore punk sound of the band, Dan, the only known member, has a flavor for rapping, like his Heebs in da MidEast. Michael The Arabian Aardvark has offered to be the percussionist, but he has been deprived of this job. Despite the band's clandestine ways, it is presumable that the first single "Die Die Aynu," a remake of a Jewish classic, will be ready either by Passover or the High Holidays. At Dan's request, if you drop your kippah in the pit, please bend down, pick it up, kiss it, and put it back on as soon as possible.


Punk rock is widely known to be youth-spirited and most popular among teenagers. These adult stockbrokers don't seem to care, even though Frank has been in many bands through the years, including Slush, Craven Morehead, and currently The Blackstones and Not So Straightedge. Their line-up may seem impossible, but that's only because most people think that they are realistic. Boober and Ashley are co-vocalists, and Frank plays guitar and drums simultaneously. Rich has recently joined the band as well, and he allegedly plays "an instrument." This instrument is a bass, pronounced in much the same manner as the fish. According to Boober, the band folds up into a basketball league!


Bands from LA must be the epitome of music, along with DO, RE, MI, FA SO, and TI. Of all Conflicting Odors friend bands, Ghaflah Induced Lethargy might have the most potential. Guitarist Benny:Sex Goddess, vocalist Doria, and recorder player Se are currently looking for a drummer, so please contact them if you can help. "I wish they all could be California girls." Check out their web site, linked from the "other bands" section on the Related Links page.


The future of dance! Members Adam, Elliot, Dan, Danny, and Josh might want Michael The Arabian Aardvark to join the group as honorary Macarena Master, but the Virtual Maracas Combo gets along fine without him. Their specialties include the Virtual Maracas, the Spinning Elvis, and the Ping Pong Shuffle. Be very afraid...


It is true that Nicole mentioned her band with Kirsten, with themselves as The Bit-- and The Bit--cake, respectively, as a joke. Still, Michael The Arabian Aardvark considers them to be a real band. Wyoming is usually not known for its intense underground punk and death-metal music, but its boredom does give the members something about which to complain. Just think of how Slipknot got started! Will Kirsten dress up as a man for shows?


With Dave (initials DK) all but packed for Harvard, it's no wonder that he, MC Squared, and DJ Ovul8 followed pronounciation keys and Einstein formulas to arrive at the names Decay and EnerG. This lethal rap trio will soon start performing at speech tournaments, hopefully, though, not during competitions. Request that they do a cover of their crowd-pleaser "Forgot About Dre." Decay is also highly acclaimed, according to Meryl Lynch, for his rapping about math class.


Michelle of Luna 3 and Division by Zero happens to be in a third band, and it's called Hardcore. Guess what type of music it is? Hardcore! This style of hc though is played on instruments you wouldn't expect. She plays the tambourine and Joe sings. By the way, they're the only two band members. Liz plays the banjo sometimes, too, as a guest. Michelle's Luna 3 and DbZ bandmate Margy is not a member.


After changing monikers on numerous occasions for outrageous reasons, the band is now Tree Oil. Now that Sublime has died out, fans can turn to the Long Beach Dub Allstars or Lawn Geyland's reggae-ska Sublime-covers outfit, Tree Oil, which features Elliot on drums. ANAL THERMOMETER... LECHAIM... YAY! According to a source close to Michael The Arabian Aardvark, whose identity has been forgotten, that once heard the band perform with its bassist absent, Tree Oil is quite good. Then again, according to SUICIDAL NOTES, Michael The Arabian Aardvark's first novel, bassists are worthless anyway.


They might not sing or have any original songs, but then again, neither do any other boy bands. JewSYNC formed at a USY event and has continued since as everyone's favorite Jewish dancing boy band. Managed by Atomic The Belarusian Bison, and including Elliot as a dancer, how can they not succeed? (Please don't email me with ways; I suppose there are several.)


It's that band that begins with a "D" and has a number in its name. Undefined, they are the side-project of Luna 3's Margy and Michelle, and also include the former's brother on gee-tar. Their first album will be titled "Dog Fourth Night" in order to humor Michael The Arabian Aardvark and his forgetfulness.


Frankly, with a name like Happy Campers, it's no wonder why these guys are the first entry into the "Friend BANDS" section. Then again, they tour, have released two awesome albums ("Campfire Songs" and "S'more Core"), and created their own record label, Monkey A-- Records, just to release their work. They have played with some of the best bands in Nevada and California, in addition to The Offspring, Pennywise, Unwritten Law, and a whole slew of others. Lead singer-guitarist Isaac joined the band after answering an ad and has remained ever since, despite the revolving-doors membership policy. As critics have said for quite a while, if they can keep the same members for just a short period of time, The Happy Campers are destined for success. The band's success may even be expedited when Isaac finishes going to UNLV on the 13-year plan. Visit their web site, as linked from the "related links" section and tell the band to play "I'm a Bum" and "Puppetshow" at their next show. Also, please recognize the beauty of the "Happy Song."