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for animals, both human and non-human


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As the most recent member of the band, he was very active fulfilling many duties, including as the band's guitarist, vocalist, and lyricist. Other responsibilities are listed on the homepage.

Michael The Arabian Aardvark persevered through all of the turmoil of Conflicting Odors. He founded the band in November 1999 with Bobo The Irish Moose and Otis The Israeli Jackalope, originally as just the guitarist, lyricist, and back-up vocalist, before other duties amounted.

He is an aspiring young writer, who is a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University. He has had more than a dozen of his works published, and enjoys writing poems, songs, screenplays, music reviews, novels, etc. The band is an extension of his ideals, sense of humor, creativity, and writing.

Michael The Arabian Aardvark is a vegetarian and is straightedge, in addition to being an animal rights activist, and advocate of many other non-extremist causes that push for change.

Aardvarksan hopes to form a new band at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and have fun with it. He is devoted to assisting many of the Conflicting Odors friend bands, including co-writing lyrics (all of which have yet to be performed live) for Juxa Posse and supporting Luna 3.

-[ Fellow Founding Fathers ]-


Cimarosi, as he is also known, was a founding member and quit after six months in the band. He was the lead singer, and performed keyboard duties and other random tasks.

OTIJ met MTAA on an American Trails West teen tour during the summer of 1998. OTIJ was in Lesbian Birsh-- Wearing Pants before joining CO, and is a vegetarian. He juggles, which gives him many advantages in life, and will be responsible for many job opportunities, as well.

Although OTIJ quit, he is still a guest performer, having sung "She Is My Goddess" and dueted on "Please Ma'am" at the first Conflicting Odors performance. He is a high school senior who will attend college next year at the University of Illinois at Champagne.

Perhaps the best he has ever been seen by the world was during his portrayal of a transvestite in a school play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Billy Shakes. WILL POWER!


Suskinini attended several camps together with MTAA throughout their childhood and attends the same high school as OTIJ, where he is also a senior. He will attend Lehigh next year, a university located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The holy land?

He was the founding drummer of Conflicting Odors and also plays the gee-tar. He quit less than two months after the band formed, after surviving only one practice, citing that the band's idiocies were too ludicrous for a serious musician. At the very least, he professes to this day that he isn't "retarded" enough for Conflicting Odors.

His name, "Bobo The Irish Moose," started the whole (Name) The (Nationality) (Animal) scheme of nomenclature, as "Bobo" came from an old basketball coach. That little guy used to shoot some great three-pointers.

-[ but the help is appreciated ]-

Atomic The Belarusian Bison- guest keyboarder; guest back-up vox; gig-getter
Torple The Dutch SpiderMonkey- guest saxophonist; abstract dancer
Ooh Baby- imaginary cymbals
Inger, Melissa, Sandy, Margy, Michelle, Gabe, Sherri, and Otis The Israeli Jackalope- Vegetarian Choir
BWX- agent
Jessiqa- head of rumor mill
Nicole from Syosset- reluctantly our #1 fan
Jess from Out West- wannabe member but too distant
Emily The Weagle- asthmatic dog
Cory Marc- artist
Margy & Michelle- victims of serenade
Nancy- photo scanner
Bobby- recording engineer